Educating the Next Generation of Energy Consumers with Technology

The energy consumption of residential, commercial and industrial buildings is determined in great part by three factors: Does the building use energy-efficient technologies such as LED lighting and high-performance heat pumps? Are renewable sources used to self-generate a portion of the energy consumed? What are the energy consumption habits of occupants? The first two factors …

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Stirling Council Educational Energy Display

Case Study : Stirling Council Stirling Council’s Energy Officer Pierre Boinot said “We have various Logic Energy Dashboards that are used as an educational tool by the schools. The dashboards are fun and very friendly to use, it is an ideal tool to promote energy awareness. We are intending to use Logic Energy in the …

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Inverclyde Council

Case Study : Inverclyde Council   With the support of the Scottish Government, Inverclyde Council has made a huge commitment over the last couple of years towards investment in new energy efficient schools across the region and installing micro-renewables to existing schools. Logic Energy had already worked with the council to develop a number individual school dash …

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South Holderness Technology College

South Holderness Technology College wanted to show how much energy they were using against how much green energy was being generated. Above all they wanted a monitoring system that would show live energy displays in a simple format that pupils could understand.   The college was already an Eco School Silver Award holder when they contacted Logic …

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Dearne Carrfield Primary School

Dearne Carrfield Primary school wanted to investigate what source of renewable energy would best meet their needs as well as where they could make energy savings. With a range of renewable installations possible – solar thermal, wind, solar PV or biomass – the school wanted to monitor actual environmental conditions at their site to help them to …

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Broadfields School

Broadfields School wanted a fun and interactive way to teach about weather and the environment, as well as exploring their school’s potential for renewable energy production. Installation of the Logic Energy Renewable Energy Demonstration kit was simple and quick. A stand-alone and completely wireless system, the kit was ideal for studying local conditions and weather …

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