Discovering your school’s “green potential” before investing in a renewable energy system

Dearne Carrfield Primary School

Dearne Carrfield Primary school wanted to investigate what source of renewable energy would best meet their needs as well as where they could make energy savings.

With a range of renewable installations possible – solar thermal, wind, solar PV or biomass – the school wanted to monitor actual environmental conditions at their site to help them to decide on the most effective solution. They also wanted to analyse where savings could be made and benefit from a learning opportunity for pupils, staff and the community by monitoring their current energy usage.

The Logic Energy system connects multiple sensors installed on the school building to a single remote monitoring system. Data is collected and accessed via the secure online web-portal and Council, school staff and pupils are able to create on-going reports in an easy to use format that they can all understand. Access to their data is as simple as having an email account and as the system is fully automated and managed there is no need for additional IT support.



The school has its own school display dashboard that students can access online in multiple locations via classroom PCs, while public display screens at the entrance to the school make this information available to visitors. These self-maintaining displays enable access to information in an easy to read and understand format, providing an important learning opportunity by monitoring their current energy usage and enabling them to appreciate how sustainable their school is.
This data has been integral in helping them to decide which installation is best for the school. Thanks to the information obtained from the Logic Energy monitoring system, the school has recently installed solar panels. By simply adding on new energy sensor equipment, they have been able to upgrade the design of their display to show the energy production from this renewable source. They also have plans to install a solar thermal and biomass system in the future.


Why chose Logic Energy?

  • The system can be easily upgraded to include new energy sensor equipment – use for monitoring site conditions, renewable energy
  • potential and energy use, and add to it to measure energy production
  • Data is collected and accessed via a secure online web-portal
  • Easy to create on line reports or download data for further analysis
  • Fully automated and managed system – is no need for additional IT support


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