Next generation of Eco Warriors

Educating the Next Generation of Energy Consumers with Technology

Educating the Next Generation of Energy Consumers with Technology

The energy consumption of residential, commercial and industrial buildings is determined in great part by three factors:

  • Does the building use energy-efficient technologies such as LED lighting and high-performance heat pumps?
  • Are renewable sources used to self-generate a portion of the energy consumed?
  • What are the energy consumption habits of occupants?

The first two factors can be taken care of with technology, but only education and training can address the third one: you can have a building with multiple energy efficiency measures and equipped with photovoltaic and thermal solar systems, but energy will still be wasted unless the persons in the building are energy-conscious. There are even occasions where projects underperform just because building occupants became more careless with energy consumption, knowing that the new technology was in place – this is called the rebound effect.

The energy industry is experiencing drastic changes that nobody would have foreseen during the past century and they will continue for the next few decades, so why not educate the next generation of energy consumers starting from elementary school?

Improving energy efficiency is always desirable, but there is an even stronger reason to do so in schools. They can become more sustainable, reducing their operating expenses, and the technology deployed can also be used for educational purposes: all that is required is a monitoring system that can gather key data and present it in a format that is easy to understand for children. Logic Energy has been contacted on multiple occasions to deliver energy monitoring solutions for schools, including:

Another advantage of monitoring systems is that they let schools keep track of clean energy generation or total savings, data which can then be used to claim incentives such as feed-in tariffs or renewable heat incentives from the local government.

School energy monitoring

Cranfield Church of England Academy

Cranfield Academy wanted to deploy a monitoring system to display energy consumption across multiple areas of the building, but with a format that was easy to read and understand. The solution was developed by Logic Energy along with CURA Energy Services, and it offers the following features:

  • The dashboard displays a colorful diagram of the entire building, and the energy consumption of each area is indicated in a thermometer-like display.
  • Access is possible from any of the personal computers at the academy, as well as through the institution’s web portal.
  • When electrical devices are turned on and off, the change in power consumption is immediately reflected on the power meter of the respective area.

Cranfield school energy monitoring

Another advantage of Logic Energy’s WattyWatty dashboards is that they are fully contained within a web application, eliminating the need to purchase specialized software and ensuring compatibility across a broad range of platforms. The fact that the platform is cloud-based also means Cranfield can completely forget about system maintenance – Logic Energy takes care of everything in the background.

In order to engage their students in the energy efficiency initiative, Cranfield has created a team of “Eco-Warriors”: during recess, lunch and other times when classrooms are not being used, they ensure as many electrical devices as possible are turned off. Each week, the most energy-efficient classroom is awarded an Eco-Warrior certificate!

Generation Green Initiative by British Gas

Building Management Systems Integrators (BMSI) is a company owned by British Gas and it runs the Generation Green program, which aims to provide energy sustainability solutions for more than 13,000 schools in the UK at zero cost.

Since Generation Greens targets a sector where most users are not familiarized with how the energy industry works, it was necessary to include a way to display information meeting two key requirements:

  • Presenting the data in an easy-to-understand format, especially since it would be accessed by kids.
  • Providing a solution that was accessible and easy to maintain.

British Gas contacted Logic Energy to be a technology partner for Generation Green – our company has a long history of providing reliable monitoring solutions for a broad range of fields including renewable energy, energy efficiency, scientific research, construction and transportation.

Key Elements of Energy Monitoring for Schools

Logic Energy monitoring systems have been deployed successfully in academic settings thanks to three key characteristics:

  • They are integral solutions that eliminate the need to configure software and hardware from separate suppliers.
  • The system is accessible 24/7 and low-maintenance thanks to the cloud-based services on which it is hosted.
  • Dashboards can be configured to suit the needs of any client: they can be highly technical if they will be used by industrial clients or electric utilities, or very simple and intuitive if they will be used in schools, households and similar locations.

In a few words, Logic Energy delivers an integrated solution that includes hardware, software and supporting services to deliver the best possible customer experience.

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