Know your school’s energy use and monitor renewable energy production in real time

South Holderness Technology College

South Holderness Technology College wanted to show how much energy they were using against how much green energy was being generated. Above all they wanted a monitoring system that would show live energy displays in a simple format that pupils could understand.


The college was already an Eco School Silver Award holder when they contacted Logic Energy for support. Having installed multiple renewable energy sources around the school, they wanted an interactive way to learn more about how energy is generated from natural resources and hoped the live data would generate a sense of excitement about savings that were being made on a daily basis.

The Logic Energy live monitoring system shows information in real time, 24/7 onto public web displays. Sensors were installed to show wind speed, temperature and sunlight. Electricity, water and gas use are also monitored to enable the College to measure and display both imported and produced energy.


South Holderness Technology College energy system


Using live an energy display board featuring a series of graphs and easy to read information panels, data is represented in terms that the students can easily relate to: Co2 emissions saved as how many double-decker buses it would fill, energy generated in terms of how many computers this would power, and a percentage gauge showing live percentages of green energy generated against the total energy being used. The school’s data is also being displayed live onto the College intranet and is accessible throughout the campus.

The College has now opened a renewable energy learning centre with a team of staff delivering sessions about different aspects of renewable energy and themed activities which are open to both primary and secondary schools across the East Riding area.

Each session begins with a guided tour of the site to show the renewable sources outside before looking at the live energy monitoring display screen in the centre which is fed in live from the on-site weather station and shows a range of detailed graphs which the group then analyses.


Why chose Logic Energy?

  • Live energy displays in a simple format that pupils could understand
  • Information in real time, 24/7 onto classroom PCs and public web displays
  • Multiple sensors can be connected to a single remote monitoring system
  • No limit to the number of PC connections or public displays
  • System used GPRS and wireless technology – completely independent of existing IT networks


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