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Case Study : Stirling Council

Case Study : Stirling Council

Stirling Council’s Energy Officer Pierre Boinot said “We have various Logic Energy Dashboards that are used as an educational tool by the schools. The dashboards are fun and very friendly to use, it is an ideal tool to promote energy awareness. We are intending to use Logic Energy in the future and would recommend it to any organisations/business involved in renewables.”


Stirling council wanted a unique system tailored to their specific needs to monitor various renewable installations in their schools. They required it to monitor biomass, PV, wind turbines, energy consumption and solar thermal energy production. Logic Energy provided Stirling Council with a monitoring system designed to their unique requirements which included remote access to various custom made dashboards, that allowed them to monitor their renewable energy use in real time. The Logic Energy system also allowed them to take remote meter readings across 17 sites, which is essential for them to comply with the government incentives FIT and RHI. Pierre Boinot who is the Energy Officer from Stirling Council was quoted as saying that “We are using the portal on a daily basis to monitor the energy generated by the renewables and to identify any malfunctioning or faults. Having instant data allows us to react very quickly, and we can organise a coordinated maintenance response with confidence.”


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Moreover, Logic Energy has saved Stirling Council time and money as they no longer have to send out workers to physically collect the readings from their old systems. Using Logic Energy means they can access their readings remotely and more regularly as it sends the data to the dashboard every ten minutes. It also has a built in alert system that allows Stirling Council know straight away when anything is not functioning properly. This means they don’t have to wait until workers have physically collect the data before realising that they malfunctioning. Logic Energy also has the built in ability to prevent the system from failing such for example, when the temperature rises too high, alerts would automatically be sent out. Stirling Council have added the Logic Energy dashboards as an educational tool in their schools. The dashboard allows students to get involved and monitor the energy generated in their schools, whilst the science behind it is used in targeted classes. Students can monitor the progress and contribute to the success of any energy saving initiatives that are taking place. These dashboards make information accessible, attractive and easy to understand.


Did you know?

Actions taken as a result of good energy metering and monitoring can save 5–10% of a site’s energy use


Did you know?

A single computer and monitor left on 24 hours a day will cost around £45 a year.


Why chose Logic Energy?

  • Simple and quick to install
  • Stand-alone and completely wireless system
  • Compatible with most off the shelf sensors
  • Linkable to interactive displays bringing environmental data to life
  • Clearly demonstrates how real environmental conditions mean energy producing potential


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